Dorkbot 10-07-2008

Hardware DIY by Jano and Diego de León

Jano and Diego de Leon will present us their newest projects of electronic crafts, developed from two opposed points of view: the academic one and the self taught one. They will present some of the possible options in sound generation with free hardware “do it yourself” On the one hand we’ll see the “Farophono” (a modular synthesizer specially created to be syncronized with the lighthouses lights) that belongs to the project Sonom ( On the other hand the recycled toys of Diego de Leon ( A more playful vision of electronica. The presentation will close with a little show performance of the possibilities of these machines.

Lecto sensorial multiplicity helmet by Leandro Monasterio

In a world of growth of the hypermedia of the multimedia stimuli, the insertion of a device that allows to bring reading to a level further away from the written words is totally possible. The everyday insulating elements of the day to day, is getting more and more common, the appearance of technological objects like mp3 reading devices, cell phones etc, that insulate the individual from the person to person contact make not only plausible the appearance of devices such as the LECTO-SENSORIAL MULTIPLICITY HELMET, but also justified and necessary. To attach to the body an element of autonomy with the world. Its bubble shape, its individual use, its future independence of connection, highlights this feature of personal insulation. The project consists in a helmet that is used while reading. The creation of a device that performs and shows the translation of a text in sensorial stimuli (sound and vibration) simultaneously.

Flying Moon por Julio Lucio

Flight control of a ball interacting with an audience”
In this installation the flight of a ball (balloon) is controlled by a series of fans When we place a balloon over vertical air current, this will keep itself over it due to the difference of pressure. Using a surface built with fans, a camera is placed on the top and facing downwards. This camera perceives the position of the balloon over the surface and the localization of the audience that’s around.In the model of artificial intelligence of the ball there will be two situations:
1) when there are no people around, the ball will move randomly over the surface
2) when there is an audience a function of “shyness” will be calculated, and will decide towards who in the audience the ball would move, the ball will be less shy to approach to the least crowded groups of audience and towards the least moving ones.
The installation is thought in a modular manner. Building modules of 32 fans (8 wide per 4 long) connecting them, we could design flight surfaces depending on the space where the installation is placed.

Neokinok- A/V 8×8
By Daniel Miracle
The “NKTV-A/V 8×8” is an audiovisual analogic mixing console in a prototype state. The device can be used for both mixing televsion programs or videojamming sessions, because it allows a dynamic managing up to 8 video and audio sources in stereo, for input and output. You can connect cameras and video and audio players for automatic mixing, establishing different rhythms in the video channels, secuentially or in a random manner. This automatization of the mixing process can be combined with user interaction, allowing the possibility to create participative tv formulas. The machine uses the audio and video sources and sensors both input and output in an experimental way from the mixes MUX and MIX.×8&bl

This machine has been used to shoot some videos of sonar 2008 y

LALALAB.ORG por Clara Boj + Diego Diaz
he versatile Valencian artists who recently have created the platform of Dorkbot Valencia will present/display their last works to us. Clara Boj and Diego Diaz combine their artistic activity in solitaire with projects in collaboration since year 2000. Its work is mainly centered in the observation of the public space and the diverse transformations (architectonic, technological, functional, social, …) resultants of the incorporation of the new technologies to the space of the routine character, from which they generate facilities that combine physical and virtual qualities to try to generate bows of continuity between the old ones and the new forms of social relation, between old and the new spaces of communication.

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