Dorkbot 29-01-2009

Konic Thtr

How is that possible that Konic Thtr hadn’t made their presentation at Dorkbot yet? We asked ourselves that question and since Konic are now touring their new show, we couldn’t see a better ocasion to invite them to bring their stuff to Dorkbot. Konic Thtr have been investigating since the early nineties, the hibridation of the body on stage with the new technologies. They search for new languages based in the hibridation. Part of their research is focused in specific hardware and software development to be used on stage. Konic will show us some of the tools that they use in their shows. A true luxury!

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Pad To Midi

One of the challenges that have today’s musicians is to have the ability to play an instrument and make music without worriying about the informatics. Simpli play and have fun. With this in mind, there are being created lots of electronic instruments, like “PAD TO MIDI” made by Drumanart. It consists in a panel with 16 pads and a microcontroller circuit. The machine can send MIDI messages in 8 independent channels and is able to direct up to 8 sinthesizers with their own midi channels, velocity values, notes, etc. Hitting the PAD with sticks or the fingers MIDI commands can be sent to change programs, commuters, buttons, and even switching between analogic and digital…. and this is just the beginning! you can find further information here:

The Huggable

Robert Toscano presents The Huggable™, a sophisticated robot featuring a full body sensitive skin with over 1500 sensors, a project he was part of as a student and developer at the MIT Media Lab. The Huggable™ is a new type of robotic companion being developed for healthcare, education, and social communication applications. The Huggable™ is designed to be much more than a fun interactive robotic companion. It is designed to function as a team member that is an essential member of a triadic interaction. Therefore, the Huggable™ is not designed to replace any particular person in a social network, but rather to enhance that human social network.


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