While we scheme and plan the next Dorkbot… Photos!

Yesterday we celebrated the last edition of Dorkbot . Without noticing we’ve been bugging for 8 years, presenting in a somewhat irregular way, those projects that are related not only to the use of electricity, but to the clash of disciplines. In Dorkbot there are no rules. Biology, gastronomy, music, informatics, robotics, finance… they all have their place, not in their most rigorous expression but in the border where all roads meet.
All the Dorkbot projects stand out for their creativity, or better: their inventive, in the capacity of turning everyday objects upside down, anticipating the future, doing big things with small budgets. There is a place for everything: from high technology to DIY.
From the very begining we’ve always made sure to have streaming, so the physical presence in our meetings is not an issue. Our presentations can be followed wherever you are and with free software!
This is possible thanks to Minipimer
These are the photos of yesterday’s event, they are taken by Daniel Ospina. Enjoy while we scheme and plan what we’ll do next time

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157629442463555″]

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