Dorkbot 23-February-2012


¿What? A new edition of Dorkbot Barcelona

¿When? February 23rd at 19:00 hours

¿Where? In Hangar, of course: 

¿How? Live or  streaming:

¿Who? Keep on reading….

In the newest edition of Dorkbot Barcelona we are honored to have with us…


This apparent onomatopoeia is ironically the recursive acronym for “Adisciplinary laboratory blablablab” an adisciplinary collaboration structure that operates in the cultural reality of the average citizen  around the collective imagination in the present tense but generating perspective.

Blablablab develop their production with a political intention through parasitism and erosion, involving multiple disciplines without prejudice: science, technology, finance, art, advertising, gastronomy… and without defined medium or format with an extropian philosophy that employs a DIY practice for the generation and transmission of knowledge.

Blablablab will show us how they work, what being “adisciplinary” is all about and some of their projects such as  “Byos” and “Haberlandt”

More information:

Nodo Móvil, by Efraín Foglia

Efraín Foglia presents mobilitylab, a platform that focuses on digital interaction and critical investigation, taking contemporary mobility as the focus of his research. This platform generates modular approaches through the interconnexion of artists, researchers and designers.
Efraín will present Nodo Móvil and AirCity; projects which focus upon the social frictions occurring in urban public spaces.

*Nodo Móvil  is a wireless mobile station.  This device can be used in the urban environment and allows digital meshing through open public networks. The project is a research process that explores the possibilities of action in the public space.

*AirCity  is a Locative Media project applied to the digital public space. The system allows people to navigate urban space through portable devices activating graphic and  aural systems, with the aim to recover the city’s intangible spaces.

Spam Tower, por Ricardo Iglesias

Ricardo Iglesias returns to Dorkbot Barcelona to show us a new project.   Do you remember the installation “They are alive”? The one with the surveillance robots?  Well, the development of the bots is in full swing and Ricardo will show us the project in its next phase of development.  This video will refresh your memory:

Not to rest on his laurels, Ricardo keeps on developing new projects, such as the Spam Tower, which addresses how we currently assist in the generalised conversion and manipulation of  communication channels into channels used for sales and social control. The project tackles the creation of a panoptic tower that broadcasts and bombs the users and their cell phones with advertising and commercial SMS

Hypernoika presents…

From the new platform Hypernoika, Axel Guillaumet presents some of his works.  In addition to details of this new project, he’ll tell us about the LaserPaint Application, which uses a multi-tracking algorithm developed with the programming environment Delphi/Lazarus; and the 2 Watt laser DPSS, with all the details of its construction and a practical demo.

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 Mira!  presents  their new artist in residence grants.

A show of electronic music and audiovisual research, Mira! (Look!),  made its debut a few months ago with a great success.  Not satisfied to rest on their laurels, they are preparing for the second edition.  Along with the “fabrica de creació” Fabra i Coats and the Audiovisual Community Telenoika, Mira! will present their artists in residence, and we know that in the Dorkbot community there are a lot of protential residents!

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