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Augmented Drum Machine – José Carlos Florez
New ways to interact with a drum set

Augmented Drum Machine is an instrument whose capacities have been expanded using sound, robotics and LED lighting.

It is composed of a drum set made out of transparent acrylic, robotic arms, LED stripes, MIDI controller and a bespoke control system using open source tools (VVVV and Arduino).
The Augmented Drum Machine “robotic arms” are made of solenoids that hit a real drum set and perform the rhythm sequences sent in real time by the control interface. LED lights provide visual feedback.

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REAL VIRTUALITY (RV) – Gabriel Lecup, Xavi Vinaixa, Sergi Lario
Virtual Reality Web Application

Real Virtuality is a VR application that is experienced with closed eyes and is perceived with the subconscious. It combines two brainwave synchronization techniques –blinking lights and binaural beats– to induce altered states of perception, lucid dreams, trances and hallucinations from sensory stimulation.

Both techniques explore the FFT phenomenon (frequency following response) to force brain activity to synchronize with alpha (4-7 Hz) and theta (8-13 Hz) waves, which are associated with states of dream, relaxation or transcendental meditation.

Real Virtuality provides an open and evolutive tool to explore these techniques and their endless combinations using VR technology. The users create, experiment and share their own audio visual contents, which are generated in real time through an open source web application.

(With support of Hangar.org – Interaction Lab, Barcelona 2017)

Techniques for environmental survival.

Survival on a hostile planet will depend on how we readapt and use our collective thinking model and our basic exploration, monitoring and environmental research tools.

They design Free Libre open source software and hardware devices to empower citizen science and investigate environmental concerns. Their technologies include using ballon and kite photography for aerial mapping of polluting areas that are affordable, easy to fly and accessible everywhere.

Some of their tools (and the how-tos to build them) are available on the website’s project. In a world contaminated by large companies we need to build affordable and accessible tools to protect ourselves.

More information: http://imvec.techdorkbot.001

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